Countries @ CHI 2015

A list of countries represented at CHI 2015. Only full papers and notes are taken into account.

What does 'Number of Publications' actually mean?

This is the total number of publications on which authors from a given country have contributed. If more than one author from the same country has worked on a particular paper, that paper counts just once towards the country total.

Number of countries: 36

Country Number of Publications
United States 232
United Kingdom 97
Germany 54
Canada 45
France 26
Republic of Korea 17
Japan 15
Denmark 12
Finland 11
Australia 10
Belgium 9
India 7
Israel 7
Netherlands 7
Singapore 7
Spain 7
Sweden 7
Switzerland 7
China 6
Taiwan 6
Austria 4
Italy 4
New Zealand 3
Portugal 3
Qatar 3
Santa Cruz 3
Argentina 2
Bangladesh 1
Chile 1
Cyprus 1
Hong Kong 1
Ireland 1
Kenya 1
Malaysia 1
Norway 1
Romania 1

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Note: This list is not official. The data presented here has been obtained by parsing the list of papers (availabe on the Confer CHI 2015 page), and checking the 'country' fields in each paper. Some data has been cleaned, but there could still be inconsistencies.